In the wake of a devastating bushfire season and amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, now more than ever, we need to come together to give support and hope to the people impacted most.

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Imagine being told you have a progressive, debilitating and incurable lung disease. Now imagine being told that because of this disease, you are 5 times more likely to experience a severe case of COVID-19. This is the reality for 1 in 7 Australians over the age of 40 battling Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).   

This is the devastating reality for Jo – a wife and mother consumed by anxiety and uncertainty during this unprecedented time. 

Jo was shocked and overcome with fear when she was first diagnosed with COPD, fear of dying gasping for breath and attached to oxygen cylinders. Now to be told she is at heightened risk of dying from COVID-19 has her and her family in the grips of unimaginable stress.

Despite this, Jo remains hopeful that she and the millions of Australians impacted by lung disease and lung cancer will come out the other side of this. 

COPD affects me every moment of every day. It has far-reaching tentacles and has impacted my family, my livelihood and quality of life in ways I never could have imagined.

Access to trustworthy information and support services is critical to my survival and quality of life. My lifeline came when Mr Google connected me with Lung Foundation AustraliaMy despair started to dissipate – there was hope on the horizon.

Hope, as a patient, is a utopia. Lungs that don’t have to struggle, families that aren’t worries. Hope brings freedom and a focus on living, rather than dying.

If we don't act now, Coronavirus will have an unimaginable impact on the support services and programs available to people like Jo, putting at risk the health and wellbeing of some of our most vulnerable community members – people with lung disease and lung cancer. 

“Your donation could be the difference between someone living or dying. Lung Foundation Australia supports me, please support them.”

Stand united with us and give people like Jo access to life saving support.

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Your donation is critical to our survival. Help fund life-saving support services for some of our most vulnerable community.

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